CooPLa Editor


The CooPLa Editor plugin shall be installed via the update manager of Eclipse (Help->Install new Software...).

Use the following URL to add a new remote update site to the repository:

Minmum Requirements

  • Java 6 or higher;
  • Eclipse (3.7) Indigo or higher. Issues were found on Eclipse (4.4.1) Luna, though.

Optional Requirements

For a full experience with CooPLa editor and the toolchain, the following tools have to be installed:

  • CADP Zurich, Amsterdam or more recent. This tool is required for the analysis of CooPLa stichastic instances and to support similar analysis in PRISM.
  • PRISM 4.1 or higher. This tool is optionally used for (prabibilistic) analyais of CooPLa stochastic instances.
  • IMCA 1.5.1 or higher. This tool is optionally used for basic analysis of CooPLa stochastic instances.
  • Vereofy. This tool is optionally used for basic analysis of CooPLa patterns.
  • ECT. This plugin for Eclipse is optionally used to animate and simulate CooPLa patterns.
  • Graphviz. This tool is optionally used for visual inspection of generated Markov chains from CooPLa stochastic instances.


Syntax highlighting

For CooPLa and ReCooPLa languages.
Different colors and text styles highligh the different lexical elements of the languages.
Readability and contexts in CooPLa and ReCooPLa specifications becomes improved.

Errors detection

For CooPLa and ReCooPLa languages.
Syntactic and semnatic errors are clearly pointed out in the editor using annotations and markers.
Thsese errors are identified while editing the code. Strong and fast parsing/semantic analyasis underpin this feature.


For CooPLa language.
Syntactic and semantic suggestions for the code being written.
Context dependent code completion for a fast writing of coordination patterns.


For CooPLa language.
Abstract structural detail about channels and coordination patterns.
It provides a direct access to each syntatic element of channels and coordination patterns.
Channels, patterns, input and output ports, channel observers or nodes are some of such syntatic elements represented.


For CooPLa language.
Graph-based visualisation of coordination patterns.
The default representation is tree-like, but nodes may be moved to obtain senseless representations.
The graph is built during code edition, in a fast and non-intrusive way.

Tool List


A tool for generation of Interactive Markov chains from CooPLa stochastic instances.

Reo XML Importer

A tool to import .reo files from ECT into the CooPLa editor as a CooPLa pattern.

Reo XML Exporter

A tool to export a CooPLa pattern into an ECT compatible .reo file.

Reconfiguration Engine

A tool to reconfigure CooPLa stochastic instances using ReCooPLa reconfiguration scripts.

RSL for Vereofy

A tool to generate Reo Scripting Language (RSL) code for Vereofy from CooPLa patterns.