The CooPLa Project

The CooPLa Project is part of a PhD thesis framed in the context of Architectural Reconfiguration of Software Systems. It intends to deliver the necessary means for software architects to prototype and analyse software coordination code and associated reconfigurations.

The CooPLa Editor --- an Eclipse plugin --- provides the relevant tool support to that end. It counts on two lightweight domain-specific languages (CooPLa and ReCooPLa) for the design of coordination structures and reconfiguration scripts. Additional tools (integrated in the editor) transform sources of these languages into assets accepted by model checkers and other tools that enable qualitative and quantitative/probabilistic analaysis.


CooPLa is a language for modelling coordination structures in an abstract way. It programs a graph-based structure, where edges are communication channels with a specific behaviour and nodes are points of interaction with other structure.

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ReCooPLa is a language for modelling reconfigurations of coordination structures. It develops on a simple set of primitive reconfiguration operations that can be composed together in an imperative paradigm fashion.

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Tool Support

CooPLa Editor is the aggregator of a plethora of tools that work upon the models defined by the languages. Together, all these tools, form just the initial link of a toolchain that allows for multiple sorts of coordination and reconfiguration analysis.

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